Knowledge Management

Getting the right information to the right people at the right time, in the right format is very easy to say. We have been making this happen for organisations since Robert Buckmann and Dave Snowdon introduced knowledge management to the wider world at the turn of the century.

Change Management

Change is a constant. Unless an organisation sets out to develop capable people with the right behaviours doing the right activities, change will fail. We work with our colleagues at Learning Circle to deploy the Occipital © organisational development model to ensure all aspects of change are considered, not just the shiny new technology.

Business Growth

UK businesses struggle to turn innovation into long-term sustainable revenue streams. Developing financially sound business cases that internal and external investors can have confidence in requires both an ability to translate technical innovation into services that customers want to purchase and to draft clear, concise, compelling narratives. We help our clients to do this.

Business Winning

Spend less, win more. The mantra of business winning. We help our clients to develop efficient and effective methodologies for successfully pursuing business that can be executed profitably to the customer’s satisfaction. The approach is fundamentally the same, regardless of the size and complexity of the opportunity: people buy from people, even in the public sector.

Defence and Aerospace

We have had more than 30 years’ experience with the Ministry of Defence and with large players in the global defence industry such as The Boeing Company, Babcock International Group and QinetiQ.


Traditional product-based OEMs are struggling to define themselves as customer-focussed service providers. From the technical designers to the City analysts, the concept of providing a long-term solution that transfers risk from the customer to the company and requires up-front investment is a difficult one to grasp. We have worked with organisations such as Pearson and G4S to design service-based approaches fit for the 21st Century customer.