Previous Work

We believe that the best way for our future clients to understand how we may be able to assist them is through proven examples of our work.

Business winning for a global engineering services group

Due to poor proposal conversion ratio and overspending on winning a large volume of small value contracts, we saw an opportunity to assist our client with its bid management. Their vision was to focus on winning a smaller number of large value contracts by using consistent, best practice business winning and account management methodologies.

We worked in partnership with key personnel to develop a business winning and account management methodology that was rolled out through UK wide workshops to over 750 staff. We then consolidated this through close support to bid teams during competitive phases.

As a result of this, our client was able to report future sales opportunities confidently to the City with a corresponding increase in share price, which lead to their entry in the FTSE 100. Furthermore, our client was able to spend less on securing longer term profitable revenue schemes and a single, coherent business winning approach was implemented across the whole company due to our assistance.

Using Social Value to improve project execution

Government bodies, trade organisations and engineering companies bemoan the lack of talent (aka SQEP) with STEM qualifications. We have developed a methodology that uses the government’s Social Value Model to build an enduring employment model. It focuses on an individual’s aptitude and attitude, recognising that vocational skills and knowledge can be developed in the workplace.

Chinook Capability Sustainment

The Chinook helicopter has already been a stalwart of the UK Armed Forces since the Falklands War, but it is a capability that is likely to be in service for 100 years. We worked with the community to understand the risks to its operational capability in the near term and develop coherent solutions that were both value for money, affordable and addressed emerging threats. We also identified future configurations that would incorporate relevant technologies across the platform, mission systems and ground support to sustain the capability out to 2060.

Defence Training

When the UK Armed Forces are not on operations or recovering from theatre, they are training. The scope and complexity of that training covers almost every discipline imaginable and consumes vast resources (people, cash and facilities) on an annual basis.

We have worked with military and industry clients for over 20 years to develop innovative and affordable solutions to the provision of training services to the military, whether it be helicopters, communications systems or basic trade training.

“It came across loud and clear that the facilitators knew the subject matter.
It was also evident that you have the experience doing the job and the stuff we have to deal with.”